Today we would like to answer a question on the program of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

November 18, 2020

This program is unique and special in that we do not have such a Master program in Kyrgyzstan. Our students will learn artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent systems, big data, data intelligence, and natural language processing.
1) Professor, Doctor of Science S. Kankurt / Iraq;
2) Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy I. Musli / Turkey;
3) Associate Professor, Ph.D. K. Mohamad / Egypt;
4) Associate Professor, Ph.D. T. Aslan / South Africa;
5) Associate Professor, Doctor of Sciences Isaev / Russian Federation
Applicants will be interviewed by the lecturers of the program. If you want to get a master's degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, then write to us in Direct
+ 996 (555) 820000 (W / App)